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How It Works
How It Works Buy

Buy A Suppressor

When you buy a suppressor from Suppressor Squatch or any of our SquatchPartner dealers, we will send a loaner suppressor to your local firearm range. You can use your loaner supppresor for free until your tax stamp is returned. You can only use your suppressor at the firearm range.  Range fees still apply, please contact your local firearm range for more information.

Step 1: Purchase Your Suppressor From Suppressor Squatch Or One Of Our Verified Dealers Across The Nation.

Step 2:  Tell Us What Firearm Range You Will Be Using.

Step 3: Download Your Digital Squatch Card And Head To The Range To #shootsuppressed

How It Works Rent

Rent A Suppressor

Whether you are still unsure about buying a suppressor, not interested in the Form 4 process, or for any other reason, we have you six. You can rent a wide range of suppressors through any of our SquatchPartner ranges. Reserving a suppressor is fast and easy.

Step 1: Visit our Range Finder Or Download The Suppressor Squatch APP

Step 2:  Find your range (search or find the closest range to you)

Step 3: Reserve Your Suppressor And #shootsuppressed

How It Works SquatchClub

Join The Squatch Club

The SquatchClub is for serious shooters, firearm companies, or anyone passionate about suppressors. As a member you can reap benefits such as free suppressor rentals, flat rate suppressor rentals at any of our SqautchPartner firearm ranges, monthly promos, discounts and contests. We have a subscription for every type of shooter.


Step 1: Choose Your Plan

Step 2:  Download Your Digital Squatch Card

Step 3: Find A Range And #shootsuppressed


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Build Your Own Suppressor


See how a suppressor looks on your rig

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What Is A Suppressor?

It's not a dumb question

Firearm suppressors have long been mislabeled, misunderstood, and fictionalized. Between movie magic and federal policy, the use of suppressors has been fantasized and criminalized. We aim to debunk the myths and shine a light on the facts!

Suppressors are Personal Protective Equipment:
This is not a fantasy, suppressors offer firearm users protection from hearing loss. This fact can not be challenged. 

Suppressors are not quiet: This is shocking for most, but stay with us we can explain. Although they are often called silencers, they are far from silent. The human ear is designed to take a certain amount of volume. Generally speaking, any audible noise 140dbs or higher can significantly damage the human ear. This means hearing protection devices are not required to prevent hearing loss while shooting with a firearm suppressor. Most suppressors are engineered to reduce your firearms dbs to a lower and safer level. What's wrong with ear protection? You caught us, however, we can explain that too. Ear protection works great for reducing noise volume, however, many situations might require the firearm user to be able to hear and beaware of their surroundings.



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