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Does waiting for your suppressor feel Elusive?


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How It Works

Our Mission:
Allow you to use your suppressor at your range while you wait
ATF processing times are about as predictable as a squatch sighting. Many estimates are just as mythical as our trusty mascot. However, you don't have to wait to use your suppressor! We partner with firearm ranges across the nation so you can shoot suppressed when you want! When you buy a suppressor from Suppressor Squatch, we send a free rental suppressor, in your caliber, to your local range. This is not your suppressor, but you can use it when you want.

Make suppressor purchasing and ownership as easy as possible
We want to keep your suppressor fresh and new so when your tax stamp comes back, you will have a shiny new suppressor to enjoy. When you buy a suppressor from us, we will guide you through the ATF process and ensure it's as easy and convenient as possible. 

Make suppressors accessible to all
We want to change access to suppressors. A suppressor is a vital component of safety and valuable PPE. Whether you are not interested in the wait times, not sure which caliber to buy, or you just want a test drive, our Squatch Club will give you access to our complete line of suppressors at a range of your choice. 

Buy A Suppressor

Step 1: Purchase your suppressor from Suppressor Squatch or one of our verified dealers across the nation.

Step 2:  Tell us what range you will be using.

Step 3: Download your Squatch card and head to the range and #shootsuppressed


Rent A Suppressor

Step 1: Visit our Range Finder here or download the Suppressor Squatch APP here 

Step 2:  Search by location

Step 3: Reserve your Suppressor and #shootsuppressed

Join The Squatch Club

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

Step 2:  Download Your Squatch Card

Step 3: Find a range and #shootsuppressed


Why Buy Suppressor Squatch


Build Your Own Suppressor


See how a suppressor looks on your rig

Image by Adnan Turkoglu

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